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  • Sku: HA-015-1
  • Vendor: XDEEP

XDEEP Central Weight Pocket

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Product description

XDEEP Central weight pocket
S 2 x 1.50 kg
M 4 x 1.50 kg
W 4 x 2.5 kg
D 8 x 1.5 kg

The STEALTH 2.0 weight pocket design cleverly prevents any accidental losses. Side fastening bands are reinforced by a main band, preventing undesired opening of the pocket and accidental release of the weights. Resistant to contact with the roof of a wreck or cave and easy to visually inspect for integrity pre dive or during a descent check. Making adjustments, moving weights and securing the straps can be done quickly, even underwater.
Side Note:
The XL weight pocket has the capacity to carry 8 x 1.5kg weights yet looks the same size as the Large. The XL has double capacity pockets.
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XDEEP Central Weight Pocket