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  • Sku: AC-012-0
  • Vendor: XDEEP

XDEEP NX Series boltsnap for regs

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XDeep NX Series Bolt Snap For Regs | AC-012-0

Optimized for use on the 2nd stage regulator or long hose, for backup torches, small accessories, and cameras.

The NX design will allow you to replace previously larger snaps due to the ease of handling in a more compact design.

" The NX SERIES has proven that you can take tradition and, by applying innovation to the design and materials, create something better, unique, and special. Bolt snaps, as would a backplate, seem to be pretty resistant to evolution, yet the NX SERIES backplate has revolutionized traditional approaches. Now the NX SERIES bolt snap breaks a 60-year stalemate in design and greatly improves ease of use and practical application. Tradition, innovated."

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100% AISI 316 Stainless Steel

Materials technology is a critical component in the NX SERIES. It both facilitates and enhances the design elements. In the NX bolt] snaps, not just the clip, but the spring, gate, and all parts of the NX SERIES are made from the highest quality AISI 316 stainless steel.

 The AISI 316 marine-grade steel is utilized for its anti-corrosion properties with its increased nickel and added molybdenum content.

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XDEEP NX Series boltsnap for regs

547.76 ฿ THB