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XDEEP NX Zen Wing Only

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XDeep NX Zen Wing Only


The NX Zen wing is perfect as a single tank wing, providing adequate lift up to a single 18 litre cylinder.


This narrower profile reduces drag, easing your resistance and effort through the water, improving gas consumption. xDEEP have minimized the traditional dead zone found in classic wings as a result the NX ZEN can give the equivalent lift of a much larger wing in a smaller, narrower and tightly streamlined shape.


All NX Series bladders are equipped with revolutionary adapter connecting the inflator with the bladder. As it’s directly welded to the bladder, eliminates traditional failure points such as elbows, threads and gaskets. Its simple and extremely hard wearing making the NX ZEN ideal for more rugged cold water diving.


NX Series wings have a complete redesign on the top of the classic 'donut' wing. The tighter and smaller top wing shape opens up space around your valves and hoses. Access for shutdowns is clear, there is no unwanted air migration and the result; better balance, better trim and leads to much more efficient hose routing with minimal stress on hoses.


The simple direct connection to the wing greatly improves air flow in and out of the wing. As a result, buoyancy control is more precise. In addition, the inflator is very responsive, deflating faster than traditional designs.



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XDEEP NX Zen Wing Only

19,134.53 ฿ THB