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XDEEP Stainless Steel Backplate

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Product description

XDeep Stainless Steel Backplate


Designed to perfectly conform to the human body to provide a diver with maximum comfort when diving. The angles of the bends in the plate and the way the webbing comes through the plate have been carefully thought out to keep discomfort to a minimum. The XDeep Stainless Steel Backplate is ideal for divers who are looking for a heavy plate that allows them to loose some lead from their weight belt and place weight more centrally over their body. Bevelled edges on the XDeep Steel Backplate help to limit unnecessary wear on webbing. The XDeep Aluminium Backplate is finished in a three stage process, the first is a glass bead blasting to make the surface hard and resistant to scratching. The second is an anodizing coating to provide corrosion protection, a final layer of teflon further increases abrasion resistance. xDeep backplates are made with a variety of holes and slots to ensure mounting of an number of accessories, extra slots allow for independent twins to be mounted directly to the backplate.

XDeep Backplate features:

  • Bevelled edges
  • Large number of slots and holes
  • Excellent quality of finish


Tags: XDeep BCD, BC, BCD Spare part, Diving Spare part, Sidemount accessories

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XDEEP Stainless Steel Backplate

8,169.64 ฿ THB